Thanks to the experience gained in over than 50 years in the plastic industry, working in the cooperation with the major international dredge companies as well as some important European Universities, KIAMA S.r.l. is able to apply its TECHNOLOGY in the DREDGING industry.

KIAMA S.r.l. developed, patented and introduced the revolutionary technologies, such as:

K&D DREDGING is an Italian company located in the north east of Italy that produces HDPE pipes for dredging sea, ports, rivers, quarries, mines since over than 50 years.

The production is totally developed in Italy and the long experience gained through years of presence in their respective fields and the know-how of each, leads to the production of highly engineered, high performance and quality materials.

Thanks to our software, for the calculation of the abrasion and the length of the drain line, KIASMA Srl can provide the best technical and economical solution for every need, as evidenced by the many references and projects implemented worldwide.

The factory, located in the industrial area over a 60.000 square meter site, with 10.000 of which covered, has an annual production capacity of more than 25.000 tons.
The excellent quality level of the products, the accuracy and the efficient of the service provided have determined the achievement of important national and international targets.

The quality of a polyethylene pipe depends on the experience and the reliability of those who produce it. High quality standards throughout the whole production cycle. The analytical monitoring of the management system and the strict compliance with the applicable standards have favored the achievement of the Italian and foreign certifications.

Over the last decade, the manufacturing of thermoplastic polymers, Petrochemicals, have made great strides in science and mechanics.
This is so that the performance of polymers that are tried to be processed in the form of pipes have become absolutely reliable.
The use of HDPE pipes for dredging, the Hydrophilic HDPE reduces the interaction between the material and the wall of the pipe, allowing a high resistance to abrasion, so iterating over abrasive materials.
On all questions of receiving consultation at the choice and acquisition of the equipment, you call by telephones +7 (812) 642-55-30, 642-55-40